By Swami Sukhabodhananda

Whoever we’re, there’s a nice energy inside every certainly one of us. The physique goes by way of modifications from childhood to youth… to maturity, then to previous age, whereas the thoughts is ageless. We can preserve our minds in complete alertness and pleasure, in any respect ages!

‘This is easier said than done,’ chances are you’ll say! Is it actually doable? Yes, we have to practise sure issues to realize this. We must see loads, pay attention loads!

‘Swamiji, what are you saying? Everyone has eyes and ears. Everyone sees and listens! But is everyone full of vigour and joy?’ chances are you’ll nicely enquire.

Everyone has pens and pencils. But does everybody turn out to be a author or an artist? Just as pen and pencil are mere instruments, so are eyes and ears. If just one is aware of easy methods to use pen and pencil does one turn out to be a author or an artist. In the identical approach, if eyes and ears are used successfully, happiness might be attained.

Most of us focus our consideration on what isn’t in entrance of us. We miss seeing issues in entrance of  us. A wealthy Italian father was celebrating his solely son’s birthday. The spotlight of the day’s programme was a soccer match. The stadium was flooded with individuals who longed to look at the enthralling match between two well-known groups of Italy. The crowd roared with pleasure because the groups competed with one another, however the birthday boy watched the sport with out enthusiasm. He checked out his father and mentioned sulkily, ‘Dad! Why are you so stingy!’

The father who had spent thousands and thousands of {dollars} for the celebration for his solely son’s birthday, was perplexed. He checked out his son surprisingly.

The son defined, ‘In this hot sun, look how these fellows are chasing only one ball. How sad? Could you not be little more generous in providing each one of them a ball so that they could play with them happily!’

At occasions, we’re similar to this boy! We fail to spot the joyful, energising features of many incidents happening in entrance of us. Instead, we brood on meaningless points and miss all of the enjoyable in life.

Recently, a younger man visited me at my ashram in Bengaluru. He was complaining for hours, ‘My parents have done great injustice to me. My whole life is miserable due to this.’

This is what had occurred: when he was a small boy, his mother and father didn’t ship him to English medium college because of which he was unable to talk fluent English. According to him, this one side made him really feel inferior to others.

After conversing with him for about an hour, i learnt sure information about him. He had joined the identical organisation the place his father had labored and retired. The current job held by him was made accessible to him on the idea of ‘job allotment to the heirs of ex-employees.’ Also, his mother and father had supplied him a good home in a particularly good locality and obtained him married to a woman of his selection. He had entry to many good issues in life because of his guardian’s benevolence. Yet he cribbed that life was unfair to him.

There are many such individuals on this world. Instead of having fun with what they’ve, they amplify what they don’t have and endure serious about what isn’t accessible. Subscribe to The Speaking Tree newspaper on Sunday. Ask your information vendor.

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