: Free Download And Install Scrolller Chrome Extension On Your Chrome Browser Now. Feel free to read this article before you install .

Scroller Chrome Extension

Scrolller is a fantastic little site to browser press files out of Reddit.

These chrome extensions add a little more performance to Scrolller. More info about Scrolller could be located on it is about page.

Scrolller currently adds several keyboard shortcuts for simple navigation from the slideshow, dis/liking subreddits and launching subreddits from new tabs (on scrolller, not Reddit).

For a whole collection of those keyboard shortcuts utilize is to click on the menu.

These are the programs offered via this extension without those already present on the site.

CTRL + s / CMD + s c current picture in slideshow

O Open picture in reddit
De Toggle pics only way
Gram Toggle gifs only way


– Repair”scrolller” in certain places like extension title (3″Id” rather than two )
– Repair just thumbnail of movies have been stored not the real video

– Utilize shortcut CTRL+s, CMD+c or s to store the picture in the slideshow

– Open picture to reddit with o
– Insert toggler to get pics and gifs with de and g respectively.

How to Install Scrolller In Chrome?

To install The Scroller plugin in your google chrome.

Search Scrolller In Chrome extensions search bar. And when you get the scrolller plugin extension.

Click The “Add To Chrome” Button.

After this you’ll get a prompt on your pc. Which will be asked to allow to add an extension to your chrome browser.

Click the allow button, And the download will be started.

After the download completed, Extension Will Automatically Installed in you chrome plugins bar.

How To Activate The Scrolller Plugin?

To Activate The Scrolller plugin, you have to click the plugin and the plugin will be launched automatically. And you are ready to use the plugin now.

Disclaimer Note For Scrolller

There are many fake extensions are creating day by day from hackers. So please be make sure to be on the safe side and don’t download an install any type of app, software or plugins to you pc or browser. Only use google chrome Extensions Official Site to install any type of plugins you want.

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