As the BJP’s map recedes throughout India, Amit Shah is again to his outdated tricks. He’s acquired Madhya Pradesh by subterfuge now. Soon it is going to be Rajasthan. And then Maharashtra. Three main states gone, all in a jiffy. Legitimate mandates in all three states undone, all by bribe and attract.

The huge sulk is lastly over. He’s gone now, after sulking for effectively over a 12 months. Actually Jyotiraditya Scindia at all times appears to be sulking. Perhaps it’s his given face, as Nirmala Sitharaman, who too by no means smiles, says of hers.

Scindia needed Rahul Gandhi to make him chief minister of MP. But the Gandhis at all times reward loyalists. And the longer you have got been a Gandhi loyalist, the higher for you. So one of many outdated guard, Kamal Nath, acquired the highest job. Scindia was omitted within the chilly.

He requested to turn out to be state get together chief in order that he may take pot pictures at Nath. Again, Rahul refused. The Gandhis know methods to rule, and Sonia Gandhi wouldn’t countenance anybody, even a blue-blooded maharajah, dethroning her chosen man.

Amit Shah beckoned, promising Scindia the chief ministership of MP or alternatively a union cupboard berth of substance if he defected. It’s laborious to flee the charms of Shah. So Scindia fled, writing a terse letter of resignation to Sonia Gandhi.

That was unhealthy type, for you by no means know whenever you may need to return begging to Sonia. Sonia hates terseness, even from a maharajah. Sonia prefers servility for in any case, hers is essentially the most royal household of all.

How will Scindia fare within the BJP? Sure he may get a excessive place, however transferring from the whiskey-swilling, meat-chomping, golf-playing, Jai Hind-saying, Jana Gana Mana-singing Congress to the cow cola-drinking, veggie-masticating, pistol-shooting, Bharat Mata ki Jai-screaming, Vande Mataram-chanting BJP may show an excessive amount of of a tradition shock for him.

Here’s the bitter fact. Anyone who needs to outlive within the Congress has to wish on the altar of Sonia. Anyone who has to thrive within the BJP has to kow tow to Nagpur. Now PMs Vajpayee and Modi have proven the flexibility to spurn Nagpur after they have ascended to excessive constitutional workplace, however that has solely been after they have had the Constitution as a bulwark in opposition to the half-Nazi-saluting stormtroopers of Nagpur.

If Scindia’s purpose was to turn out to be PM, he may need been higher off within the Congress. Sonia is ailing, Rahul is flailing, and Priyanka is displaying a public love-fest with India’s Asif Ali Zardari, which is sufficient to flip off even her most ardent supporters.

In the BJP, PM Modi appears good for one more 10-15 years. Then it likely would be the flip of Shah, who too appears good for 10-15 years. When will Scindia get his flip?

And then there are the died-in-the-wool youthful and bold Sanghis like Sitharaman and Piyush Goyal who would resent a heretical interloper like Scindia.

Sachin Pilot referred to as Scindia’s exit “unfortunate”. That signifies that he might be following go well with quickly. Now he isn’t blue-blooded like Scindia, however he has been billed by many because the Congress’s subsequent huge hope. That is akin to committing political harakiri within the Congress, the place all hopes are vested with the Gandhis.

Pilot is bum-chums with Scindia, and simply as Scindia is bringing MP in dowry to the BJP, so too Pilot could be anticipated to deliver Rajasthan to the BJP. But Pilot has an attention-grabbing private background. He’s married to a Muslim lady, the daughter of Farooq Abdullah.

The BJP has few Muslim stalwarts and lots of of them–Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Shahnawaz Hussain–are married to Hindu ladies. To deliver Hinduness with them will increase their acceptability inside the fold. But a Hindu man like Pilot bringing Muslimness with him? Will there be sniggers inside the parivar? How will his spouse fare?

Such sadly are the idiosyncracies of the Indian political system. Scindia and Pilot are fleeing, within the blatant pursuit of energy, one set of idiosyncracies. How will they address a very completely different set of idiosyncracies?

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the writer’s personal.


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