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Hey, Guys, Do you know that the PAHE.IN website is not working anymore. But I know that all of you want to watch your favorite movies like always.

So, I got something great for you guys only,

Here in this article am giving you guys a list of some cool list of free movie download sites.

And these sites are also like pahe.in, and by using them you can download any movie in any language.

So before I give you guys a list of all movie download sites list. I would like to inform you guys about something important for Pahe and other movie sites.

Let’s Begin,

What Is Pahe?

Pahe is a movie downloading site, which allows you to download latest Bollywood movies in Telugu dubbed and south Indian movies in Hindi. Pahe is one of the sources which provides you all the latest Full HD movies.

Like, Latest Bollywood movies, latest Tamil dubbed movies, Malayalam movies, Telugu dubbed movies & more. And because of these amazing movie options, this site became one of the most popular Telugu dubbed movies downloading and streaming sites.

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Is Pahe Working Now

Yes, Pahe is working. But because of the rules against piracy of our Government Of India Banned Their “Pahe.in” Domain. And That’s why no one can open this site using the pahe.in domain name.

How to open Pahe Website, If It’s blocked

To open the pahe.in website after the ban. Then, You have only two options.

And the options will work only if the pahe website team is still working on their site.

The tips are mentioned below:

#TIP 1. Use A VPN

The meaning of VPN is “Virtual Private Network”. And a VPN helps you to unblock those websites, which are banned or blocked in any country.

To get the PAHE unblocked website on your phone. You just have to Install any VPN on your smartphone/Desktop to get pahe unblocked.

Some VPN Listed here

  1. Hide.me – Get 5 free servers and 2GB data cap/month
  2. Windscribe – Get 10 free servers and 10GB data cap/month
  3. ProtonVPN – Get 3 free servers and no data cap
  4. TunnelBear – Get 19 free servers and 500MB data cap/ per month
  5. Hotspot Shield – Get 1 free US server and 500MB data cap per day

These VPN’s have the ability to unlock almost every website worldwide. I personally use tunnel bear VPV to access the site for my work.

Because there are many informative sites are also blocked in our country.

After installing the VPN on your phone/desktop. You have to connect your VPN to any other country, Like the United States/United Kingdom. And open the website and you’ll see the website is opening on your device.

But, If you don’t want to install any VPN to use Pahe.in site. You can simply use our second tip.

#TIP 2. Use a proxy site

If you want to use pahe website, but you don’t wanna use any VPN by installing it in your device.

Then, it’s ok, You can use a proxy site to access the website on your smartphone or desktop. You can use a proxy-site just by searching on google.

After you get one proxy website, just enter the URL of pahe.in and hit the search. And boom!!!, your website is now opened.

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Is Pahe Safe?

No, it’s not that safe, Because a site like this always gets advertisements from some very bad ad agencies. And the most ads you get on their site are for traping people.

Because these websites are illegal, that’s why no genuine company advertise their products on these type of websites.

And most of the ads you going to see on these sites are of some adult products or gambling-related services or products. And that’s why I want you guys to not to visit sites like these.

And this is not the only reason not to visit these sites. I have a very very big reason to not to visit these sites.

The sites we visit to entertain ourselves are actually making our country poor, and also because of these sites. We Indians are not getting any mega movies like Hollywood.

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How are these sites making industry and country poor?

When we go to these websites and download the latest movies. And we just spoil movies for other people or people just share the movies with each other.

Then at the same time when you guys doing these kinds of things, on the other site the entertainment industry gets losses and they get a shortage to make a good movie.

And this makes the industry to make a low budget and low-quality movies. And then people like you say that the movie is not great.

So, I request you guys to not to promote piracy anymore. Because doing this will give us amazing movies to watch. And our entertainment industry will grow at their top speed.

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The purpose of this article was not to promote any kind of piracy. ShareIndians.net does not promote any piracy or pirated content. The purpose of this page and site is to give you information only.


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