Mangahop and Manga99, read free Manga online on mangahop and Manga99 very easily by visiting from our website to manga hop website.


Mangahop is Manga reading website where you can read Manga with visual drawings like every Manga comic.
This Manga website has all the latest and all the old Manga comics in Mangahop.
Manga hop is a website where you can read your favourite Manga with their anime characters in drawings like all comics.
In mangahop you can read All the latest Manga comics with their starting character like ABCD and so on.
This website have a section of  all Manga sketching with a to z alphabets.
And this is for getting your favourite Manga comic just by clicking the first alphabet of the Manga name mangahop is also having fairy tales for small children to read.

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Is mangahop working?

No, Mangahop is not working now. Because, the domain name is now redirected and migrated to
And this full website of Mangahop is now migrated to Manga99.
so now if you want to visit mangahop. Then you can simply visit to because, now it’s the official. mangahop website with the name of Manga99.

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What is Manga99?

Manga 99 is the new version of MangaHop on the internet. because of some reasons the mangahop has to change their domain name to Manga99.
And that’s why manga hop was migrated to Manga99 website.
But there is no change in the content. You can get all the content on the Manga 99 website which was on mangahop website.
Because of this if you have read any Manga on the Manga hop website. Then it can be possible to get that Manga back on Manga 99 website

Is mangahop or Manga99 safe?

Actually, this is a quiet tough question to answer.
Because all of these websites are illegal and all the illegal websites get ads from non athourity ad agencies. And because this website get ads from non authoritative companies.
So that’s why this is a concern about the security of these websites. I personally only one or two times visited this website because of research and after that I never visited the website again.
Because I know that my data and my privacy is more important to me.
And the ads we see on these type of websites are having malicious ads scripts. Which can steal my data through my internet connection.
So that’s why I never visit this type of websites, but that does not mean that this website is not safe. Yes, this website is safe, but only if you are not clicking. Any ad without knowing the brand or the company which is releasing the ads on their website.
So that’s why I can say that mangahop or you can say the Manga99 website is safe. But only if you are not clicking any malicious ads on this website.MangaHop


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